Sit Back and Relax with Done-For-You Full Service Design

Take the stress and hassle out of redecorating or renovating with full service design and decorating from House by the Bay Design. I plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish, allowing you to relax and enjoy your finished space.

Full Service Design is Best For You If...

  • You are not interested in managing your design project and would prefer to leave that in the capable hands of your designer.
  • You are busy! You want a beautiful home, but don’t have the time to come up with a design, shop, and manage your project. You want it all done for you!
  • You want a trusted team of professionals to guide you through the process of renovating and/or decorating your home from start to finish.
  • You are interested in high-quality and functional furnishings.

Not quite the right fit? You might also be interested in a Design Plan or a 3 hour Designer BFF consultation!

The House by the Bay Design Full Service Design Experience

1 - Consultation & Contract

After both a Discovery Call and initial Design Consultation have taken place the first step in starting a full-service design project is signing a contract and providing a retainer.. We will review the contract in detail together and, once both parties have reviewed and agreed to the terms we will sign and confirm a start date for your project.

2 - Measurements & Trade Day

When your start date arrives I will take complete photographs and measurements of your space and hold a “Trade Day” to collaborate and gather estimates from any required tradesmen and tradeswomen. 

3 - Design Creation

I will begin the creative process of creating your design. Your custom design will include a complete budget and timeline for your project, all design elements required, as well as drawings and renderings so you can visualize your finished space.

4 - Design Presentation

After about 4-6 weeks we will meet again and I will present the full vision of your space for approval. Many elements will be actual, purchasable items, however some pieces, such as styling elements, may be conceptual. If needed, we will make revisions or modifications to ensure you love it and are ready to move to the next phase.

5 - Order Management

Once your design has been approved, all selections will be finalized and invoices sent. Once payments have been collected, ordering will begin. I will manage all aspects of the procurement process including ordering, purchase tracking, receiving, inspection and storage until ready to be installed.

6 - Trade Work (If Required)

If any trades are required, such as painters or wallpaper installers, I will create a detailed project schedule and coordinate all necessary tradespeople. If your project requires construction or the services of a General Contractor, I will coordinate with that person to ensure this aspect of the project runs smoothly.

7 - Installation Day & Reveal!

When everything is ready, we will schedule your install day. We ask that you not be home on Install day as it can be very hectic! The House by the Bay Design team will deliver all furnishings and install all aspects of your design. When you come home you will have a completed space and get to experience the big reveal just like on TV!

8 - Photographs

Usually 1-2 days after installation I will bring in a professional photographer to take complete photographs of the finished space. If there are any styling items you do not wish to purchase they will be removed after the photoshoot…but I’ll warn you, most clients fall in love with everything!

9 - Final Walk Through

About 1 week after the big reveal we will meet in your home to do a final walk through of your project. If there are any deficiencies or issues they will be identified and appropriately resolved.

10 - Project Wrap Up

Upon completion of your project you will be presented with the final invoice with your retainer applied as a credit. We will also meet so I can provide you with a detailed project wrap up packet which includes all warranty and care information for your new items.

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