$100 Laundry Room Makeover – Week 2

It’s week two of my $100 laundry room makeover and I have to say the room is looking way better!

We’ve gone from this:

To this!

One of our neighbours came over and helped Chris stack the washer and dryer (much easier than he thought it would be), and while you can’t really tell in the photo, I painted the two side walls with some white paint leftover from our guest room (the back wall will end up covered with cabinets & wallpaper so I didn’t bother to paint it).

Most of my progress this week has been in sourcing stuff for the project. I dug through our random wood pile in the garage and found some off-cuts of rough pine that I plan to use for a countertop, and some old white shelves I’m hoping I can use to build a wall cabinet.

About 1/3 of our “just in case” wood pile ?

One of the hardest things for me to find were nice table legs that wouldn’t eat up too much of my budget. I really liked the look of these ones from Lowes, but at $50 each they were out of the question!

I’m excited though, because on my trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore I found some old newel posts that I think I can cut down and paint to get a similar look – Only $3.50 each!

At the ReStore I also picked up this light fixture which I can hopefully transform into one of the wood bead fixtures I’ve been drooling over!

So that’s where I’m at so far! I’m starting construction on the counter and cabinet and hopefully they’ll be done before I head off on my Haven Conference road trip on Monday – fingers crossed!

Costs so far:

Newel Posts: $7

Light fixture: $22

Wood beads: $14

Total spent: $43

Budget remaining: $57

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