7 Amazing Backsplash Ideas that are not Subway Tiles

I’m not going to lie here guys, I love subway tile. It’s a classic look and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. But sometimes I know you want to do something a little different.

I’ve been working on a few kitchen projects recently and have been challenged to step away from the safety of the subway tile and find some alternatives that are beautiful but will also stand the test of time.

7 Great Alternatives to Subway Tile

Quartz Slabs

Image: Cambria

Avoid grout lines all together and create a seamless look with a slab backsplash. Match your countertop or create some contrast with a slightly different pattern. A quartz slab backsplash makes a bold statement and can bring a very elegant feel to your space. A variation would be porcelain slabs which create the same look, but are often less expensive than quartz.

Check out: Cambria Quartz Slabs

Cement Tile

Image: Emily Henderson

Adding some pattern to your backsplash with a cement-style tile is always a fun option. Tile patterns range from subtle to dramatic in a rainbow of available colours.

Check out: Cardoso Deco Squares

Arabesque Mosaic

I love the look of arabesque tiles, and adding a curvy shape into a space usually full of straight lines. Choose a neutral white or marble look if you’re worried about it being too “busy”.  

Check out: White Marble Arabesque Mosaic

Hex Tile

Image: Kresswell Interiors

Hexagon tiles are almost as classic as subway tile and make a great backsplash option. They are available in multiple sizes, textures and colours meaning the options are endless.

Check out: Honeycomb Mosaic

Crayon Tile

Image: International Wholesale Tile

I definitely have a bit of a crush on the “crayon” tile right now. This backsplash literally stopped me in my scroll on Pinterest. A fun twist on a classic look.

Check out: gb Tile Collections

Fishscale Tile

Image: Mercury Mosaics

Another fun option with curves is the fish scale tile – I especially love these when they are in a neutral grey.

Check out: Gray Glossy Fish Scale


Image: Home Bunch

Of course, what kind of a Fixer Upper fan would I be if I didn’t give a nod to shiplap as a backsplash option. If it fits with your overall decor style shiplap can be a great alternative to tile and is an easy DIY project!

Check out: Wood Shiplap Wall Plank

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