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Meet Joni!

I’m really excited to introduce the newest member of our feline family – Joni! We adopted Joni two weeks ago and this lovely lady is adapting nicely to her new home. Right now she is hanging out in our bedroom separated from our other cats but I think she is almost ready to meet her

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Winter, we need to break up

I am done with winter. Done! We need to break up.I know I don’t live in the coldest part of the country but c’mon -40 is just mean. It’s days like today when I worry that summer will never come. Okay, I’m being dramatic. We have a giant icicle forming on our roof. It looks like a

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Latest Obsession: Big Mirrors

You know what I’m digging right now? Giant, oversized, framed mirrors. Especially if they are framed in some sort of reclaimed wood. Pinterest is really feeding my obsession right now, as usual.     dawntime – one kind design – Southern Wedding – DEtails & DEco

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Projects for 2015

While I definitely have a lot of small projects that I want to knock off this year there are some big ones I don’t want to let slip. Here’s my project to do list for 2015: Master Bathroom de-blanding Our master bathroom is so builder boring it hurts. It’s time for some love including updating

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2015 Resolutions

  I’ve never been one to make resolutions, but inspired by the one word challenge I decided to pick a word for my goals for 2015. And for me, that word is COMMIT. I have a tendency to start things, not commit to them because I get discouraged, or distracted, or, to be completely honest

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Streets of Paris Quilt

Now that Christmas is over and this quilt has been gifted I can finally share my Streets of Paris quilt! My sister in law loves Paris and when I found these two fabrics I knew I had to make her a Paris themed quilt. I collected all the different fabrics over the course of a

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Learning to knit

I’ve tried to teach myself to knit maybe 5 times in my life, and every time I’ve ended  up getting frustrated and throwing my knitting across the room (usually scaring the crap out of a cat). Three  years ago I vowed to never try knitting again. So…yeah, I decided to try knitting again. Why would

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Finished Deck

Phase one of operation backyard oasis is complete – the deck! I’m really happy with how well this turned out. Neither Chris or I had ever build a deck before or really anything more complicated than, well, a fence. Surprisingly we had a lot of fun working together and while it was really tiring I

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Building Fences

Good fences make good neighbours right? I have to say, I really like my neighbours and a part of me is really sad that we put up fences as our impromptu backyard parties now require walking around the block (sigh, so much effort).  If you move into a new development and you’re lucky enough to

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