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I see a red door…

Our front door has experienced it’s forth colour overhaul in it’s very short life. Four?? Yes, I know…it’s a little nuts. Here’s what happened: Our door started it’s life as a boring white then one day our builders sent painters by to paint the doors, but they brought the wrong colour so the door became green.

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Two baby quilts off & away

I’m excited to show off my latest two quilts that are on their way to two very special little ladies. The first quilt (which I keep calling Starburst because it reminds me of the candy). It uses the free pattern from Swim, Bike Sew and this one is backed with a super soft flannelette with

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Light Fixture Found

I am happy to say that after hour and hours (and hours and hours…) of searching we have finally found THE light fixture for our dining room. The Glass Orb Chandelier is the perfect mix of modern and fun and is exactly what we didn’t know we were looking for. Also, West Elm is officially my

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Hide those litter boxes!

Mum calls the upstairs guest bathroom her “spa bathroom” because it has the only bathtub in the house. Unfortunately, it also is home to two of our four kitty litter boxes. Turns out: cat poop – not very spa-like. The dilemma: the cats need easy access to their boxes for private time,  and mum needs a

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Our Thanksgiving Table

Last week we were very lucky to host 12 of our close family and friends for our first Thanksgiving in our new house. Chris decided he wanted to cook the entire meal this year. So while Chris was busy smoking the turkey I set out to make the house look festive for all our guests.

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Ikea chair makeover

I decided to take advantage of the Thanksgiving long weekend and give our kitchen chairs a bit of a makeover. These are our chairs before their transformation: The Byholma chair with the Djupvik cushion from Ikea. First on my makeover to-do list was dyeing the cushion covers. I wanted a darker green-ish brown colour, which

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Half bath makeover

Last Saturday I woke up with nothing on my to do list except for doing some laundry and watch the entire first season of Orange is the new Black. Of course, as soon as I went downstairs and talked to my mother an opportunity arose for a weekend project – makeover the half bath on

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Shopping for light fixtures

I had no idea that our new dining room would come without a light fixture. I assumed the builder would put in a boring ceiling light that we eventually would replace with something we love. I was wrong. The dining room has been dark for two months. Yup, after searching for two months we have

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We have a tree!

Today I got home from work to find that a tree had been planted in my front yard! I’m taking this as a positive sign that grass and a paved driveway will be on their way soon. In honour of our new tree (which I’m fairly sure is a red maple) I thought I would

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