Shopping for light fixtures

I had no idea that our new dining room would come without a light fixture. I assumed the builder would put in a boring ceiling light that we eventually would replace with something we love.

I was wrong. The dining room has been dark for two months.

Yup, after searching for two months we have found exactly nothing that we like. Who knew light fixtures would be so stressful? What if we get the wrong style? What if we end up hating it in 5 years? What if it looks terrible with our table. I’m pretty sure I’m over-thinking this.

While we haven’t found the perfect fixture (yet!) we have managed to create a shortlist of styles we think would work in our dining room. Here are the styles we’ve narrowed it down to…

West Elm | Restoration Hardware | Bloomerism

IndustrialAriocano | Fixtureslight | Bed, Bath & Beyond

beachyDesign Chic | PB Teen | Lonny

I was really hoping that we would have one in time for Thanksgiving, but that’s next weekend so…dinner in the dark?! Maybe Christmas is a more realistic goal.

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