Ikea chair makeover

I decided to take advantage of the Thanksgiving long weekend and give our kitchen chairs a bit of a makeover. These are our chairs before their transformation:

Chair Before

The Byholma chair with the Djupvik cushion from Ikea.

First on my makeover to-do list was dyeing the cushion covers. I wanted a darker green-ish brown colour, which I eventually got by dyeing the covers twice. First I used three boxes of yellow dye and one box of black. This created a very nice spring green which was too light for me. To darken the covers I dyed them a second time using three boxes of black and one box of brown.

Chair Progress

I’m very happy with the way these turned out. A few of my covers ended up with dark spots on them, which I’m guessing is from the powdered not dissolving completely. Luckily they’re all hidden (just don’t flip the cushion!).

While the seat covers were being dyed in my washing machine I sewed some pillows for the backs if the chairs using fabric I grabbed last year in a clearance sale.

Chair with PillowFor this project I used Tintex powdered dye and followed the RIT dyeing instructions for front-loading washing machines.


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