Bathroom with two sinks and oil rubbed bronze faucets

11 Attractive and Affordable Bronze Faucets for the Bathroom

I’m almost done my powder room update and I’m really excited to show you the updates I’ve made. As part of the makeover I wanted to update the faucet our builder installed with an oil rubbed bronze version with a little more style. 

I always find selecting faucets to be an interesting process – especially when working with a client. It seems to me that almost everyone is surprised to find out how expensive they can be, especially if you want something more stylized or with a custom finish. Sure, you can buy a super cheap faucet, but you’re going to sacrifice either quality or style – and who wants to do that? Like most things, the trick is finding a balance between quality, price and style.

How can you tell if a faucet is good quality? 

Short answer: Check the warranty. The best faucet brands will have a limited lifetime warranty on everything except for the finish. Some more affordable options only offer 10 years. If there is no warranty information at all, and only an gmail address to reach them – you’re probably SOL if anything breaks (I may be speaking from experience here).

How much should a good quality faucet cost?

Generally speaking you should expect to pay between $150 – $400 for a chrome or brushed nickel and even more for specialty finishes like oil rubbed bronze or gold. You’ll also find that the more unique the design, the more expensive the faucet. If you’re thinking of updating a faucet I would suggest budgeting about $250 – you can probably find something for less, but just in case you’ll have some buffer room.

Like wine and whisky, I have a knack for falling in love with the most expensive faucets. I can’t afford them though, so I have to research and find alternative (more affordable) options. In my hunt for the perfect oil rubbed bronze faucet I’ve found some pretty fantastic options. Here are some of my favourites – not the cheapest, but somewhere in that sweet spot of style, quality and price.

Our New Powder Room Faucet

Pfister Sonterra 2-Handle 4-in Tuscan Bronze Bathroom Faucet ($159)

10 Great Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet Options

  1. Kingston Brass Restoration ($70)
  2. Delta Windermere ($102)
  3. Kingston Brass Centurion ($270)
  4. Delta Trinsic ($268.45)
  5. Delta Lahara ($181)
  6. Moen banbury ($154)
  7. Kingston Brass Fauceture ($300)
  8. Jacuzzi Duncan ($129)
  9. Pfister Ashfield ($340
  10. Kraus Ramus ($125)

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