Painted bathroom vanity

Colourful Kids Bathroom Makeover

A dated kids bathroom gets a fresh update with new paint, wood-look tiles and quartz countertops. This bathroom was one of two that I did for a client this summer, along with an elegant master ensuite makeover. To see more of my client projects check out my portfolio

Painted bathroom vanity quartz countertops

 This bathroom is shared by two little girls and while functional, had a dated design. The cabinets needed some new paint but they were going to stay along with the bathtub and shower tile. The vinyl flooring had some damage so it needed to be replaced as well as the sink and blue laminate countertop. 

Colourful Kids Bathroom Before Photo

The main goal for this bathroom design was to create a bright and modern space that the girls would be happy to share as they get older. The white walls and new blue cabinets create a neutral backdrop so pattern and colour can be added through the shower curtain, towels & artwork. 

Painted bathroom vanity

The flooring was upgraded to a very cool wood-look ceramic plank tile. Seriously, I now want this tile in my bathroom!

Kids bathroom painted vanity

By painting the panel on the side of the bathtub a light cream colour, and selecting a floor that has similar tones, the beige tub and wall tiles look brighter and more modern.

Painted cabinets floral shower curtain kids bathroom



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