Fall 2020 One Room Challenge: Our Entry & Upstairs Hallway

Do you have an area in your house that get the least amount of attention? Somewhere that always look a little rough around the edges but tends to end up at the bottom of the to-do list?

For us it’s our entry and upstairs hallway. They are consistently the most unfinished and messy parts of our house – and absolutely perfect for a One Room Challenge makeover.

Yes friends, that is 3 years of nail pop fills, new drywall and drywall repair on full display when you first walk in our home. It’s ridiculous and, happily the first thing I’ve already finished as part of this makeover! More details o that coming soon!

Remember the major renovation of our main floor in 2018 and our pretty new baseboards? Well that makeover pretty much stopped at the stairs…in the entry they were only just installed, but not painted.

Remember the paint and new handles we added to the front door last year? Yeah…that makeover was only on the outside. The inside of the door still needs a major paint job.

Continue upstairs and our hallway is just… messy. Random things end up here to be dealt with-later…but then never leave (totally my fault).

I mean…when was the last time I was using upholstery foam?

And of course, there are more nail pops and drywall repairs up here!

I haven’t figured out all the details of this makeover yet- to be honest I’m still finding it hard to believe it’s already October! I do know that I want to keep it simple and practical.

I also am very aware that we might be locking everything down again because of rising COVID numbers so I need to get moving quickly!

My Entry Makeover To Do List

  • Paint everything (unfinished baseboards, drywall repairs & front door, maybe door trim? TBD)
  • New rug or mat for the winter (the tiles get very slippery with snowy/wet boots)
  • New cushion cover for the entry bench (exposed foam is not ├╝ber practical)
  • Replace “builder standard” light fixtures in the upstairs hallway
  • Figure out something interesting in the empty space at the top of the stairs (AKA get rid of the junk pile)
  • Generally clean and organize everywhere

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