Finishing Touches on the Office Makeover

We’re in the home stretch of the One Room Challenge and my new modern office is really starting to come together! I’ve knocked quite a few items off my to-do list including painting some small storage units, sewing new cushion covers and installing my new light.

I’m excited to be working with some amazing sponsors on this room makeover. The vents featured in this post were provided to my by Aria Vent, all opinions are my own.

But…yeah…still a mess.

Seeing how there’s only one week left in the makeover AND mum and I are leaving on our cruise in…5 days….I’ve decided not to postpone one of my projects.

Yup, my mum’s antique chair will still be getting a makeover, but not as part of this challenge. While timing is definitely part of it, in the end, I just haven’t been able to find a fabric option I love. I’ve decided to wait until I find the perfect fabric before tackling that project.

Now, not to let myself have too much of a break (never!) I have added a new project! While out looking for chair fabric I did find a beautiful print that would be perfect for recovering a little footstool of my Nana’s. I also completely forgot I had bought a wire basket for a DIY project so that has been added to the list also (oops!).

I did finish another small project this week, but before I tell you all about it I want to share one of my pet peeves about home design – floor registers. So often we install beautiful flooring and then stick on a floor register as an afterthought. I’m definitely guilty of this – our beautiful new hickory hardwood on our main floor still has brown plastic floor registers (and I’m pretty sure all of them are cracked).

SO! Earlier this year I was flipping through a contractor magazine and came across a write up for Aria Vents – a Canadian company who want to offer modern, custom vent solutions. I really wanted to try them out thinking they might be a great solution for my design clients and they were nice enough to send me two vents to try out.

Friends, these are sooooo pretty.

I love how they use pieces of the flooring to blend right in! I’ve installed the Aria OG vent in the 4″ x 10″ size to fit the existing vent. There is also a model that can be installed before your flooring for an even more invisible look.

The installation was pretty straight forward – Check out the full video on YouTube!

Updated to-do list:

  • Move Chris across the hall into what will become his new office
  • Create a temporary office in the spare room (this girl still needs to work!)
  • Paint the walls (goodbye yellow!)
  • Refinish my desk
  • Sew new chair cushion covers
  • Paint some of my small Ikea storage units
  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Install new lighting, outlets & switch
  • Makeover antique “guest chair” (postponed)
  • Figure out some sort of wall planner system
  • Find fun accessories to decorate!
  • Upholster nana’s footstool (new!)
  • Wire basket DIY (new!)

Thanks for visiting and following along with my office makeover project. Make sure to visit this week’s post on the One Room Challenge site to see more week five progress posts!

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