Gift Ideas for Home Cooks, Bakers and Foodies

Have a foodie in your life? They’re sure to love one of these 13 amazing gifts!

Gift ideas for home cooks, bakers and foodies


-1- Great British Bake Off Cook Book  -2- Fancy Bundt Cake Tins (on my list!) -3- DIY Food Kit  -4- Retro Kitchen Timer  -5- Gourmet Food Subscription Box  -6- Fancy-Ass Digital Scale  -7- KitchenAid Stand Mixer  -8- Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Attachment (my favourite!) -9- Bake Off Colouring Book  -10- Customizable Cookie Cutter  -11- Craft Beer Club Subscription  -12- Digital Meat Thermometer (Chris’ Pick) -13- Adorable Egg Yolk Separator  


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