My Word of the Year: Make

Hello 2016 – My Word of the Year is Make

Okay, So I know I’m a little late welcoming the new year, but I’ll be completely honest, 2015 was a hard one for me. My father went into hospital in March for surgery and almost a year later he hasn’t left while that was happening, change and layoffs at my full-time job seemed to add an extra layer of stress and worry. Some days it seemed like getting out of bed was a huge accomplishment.




btw – If you ever need someone to talk about Parkinsons or Cancer or Post Surgical Dementia I am totally your girl. We can drink martinis and swear together, okay? Just call.


I don’t want to suggest that 2015 was all doom and gloom, in fact some pretty awesome things happened: We adopted a new cat, Joni, who has brought more love (and a lot of drool) into our home, I participated in my first One Room Challenge and Chris and I finished an amazing kitchen renovation (seriously, it blows my mind a little every time I make a cup of tea) and I posted a mini quilt pattern I created on Craftsy which has been downloaded almost 3,000 times!


So…after a year of really bad lows and amazing highs (aka the definition of rollercoaster) I decided to take a little break after the holidays, regroup and do some serious planning. Last year, instead of making resolutions, I picked a word to guide me for the year – Commit. 2016 will be an awesome year (I can feel it) – and to help with that, this year my word is Make.


I’ve always considered myself a Maker, and this year I’m planning to get serious. The first step I decided to take was to give the blog a bit of a makeover. I’ve invested in a new theme that allows for more customization and opens up a lot of opportunities. With the redesign I’ve also planned to include more diy content like quilting and crafts.


In 2016 I‘ve also given myself a bit of a crazy challenge to push myself to Make more – instead of buying clothes, I’ll try to repurpose or make things myself. Why do I want to do this? I’ll get into that more in my next post (and share some of the things I plan to make).


What else will I be Making? Well, hopefully some more quilts for my Etsy shop, and maybe even another pattern (maybe for sale?). Like a boss.


Don’t worry, there will definitely still being a lot of diy going on up in here. I’m planning to participate in the One Room Challenge (although I maybe a little late again okay? No judgement)….and…I do still have some diy projects on my list from last year – like finishing the master bedroom ensuite and giving our dining room chairs a makeover.


Come to think of it – I may have completely unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish in a year. Hopefully life will throw me fewer curve balls and I’ll be able to knock more projects off my to-do list.


What about you? What do you have planned for 2016? Any big projects on the horizon? Want to cheer each other on? I’m in!

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