How to Easily Replace Outlets in Your Home

While I am very excited to have a future electrician in the house I also like being able to take on small jobs around the house that don’t require a licensed electrician like installing light fixtures and outlets.

The outlets featured in this post were provided to me by Legrand. I only partner with brands I know and trust, we have installed Legrand outlets and switches in multiple rooms in our home. All opinions are my own.

Updating outlets yourself may seem intimidating, but I promise it’s very simple. I had never done this before and I installed 4 without an issue (well other than our panel not being labeled correctly). I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos in this post – they are stills from a video that I am hoping to share soon!

Please read all the directions that come with your new outlet and make sure you understand them before starting your project.  If you are unsure about anything please consult a licensed electrician.

For this project you will need the following:

For my project I am installing items from the Legrand Radiant collection:

Okay, let’s get started! AFTER reading the instructions, make sure to turn off the power to the room & outlets where you will be working. Double (triple!) check the power is off using a voltage tester.

Remove faceplate from the wall (usually two small screws) and gently pull outlet from the wall.

Take a close look at how the existing wiring has been done. I find it helpful to take a picture so I don’t forget. My outlets were straight forward with black (hot), white (neutral) and copper (ground) wires.

Uninstall the existing outlets by disconnecting the wires. Most of my outlets had three wires all installed by being pushed into the back of the outlet. These were easily pulled out by pushing a small flat head screwdriver into a little notch. I had one outlet that also had another set of wires wrapped around screws on the side.

Before installing your new outlet, make sure to check the wire guide for the new outlet (mine was on the back of the outlet) and strip or cut the wire as needed.

Install the wires in the new outlet following the instructions.

Gently push the outlet back into the wall and screw into place – make sure it’s straight!

One thing I really like about the Legrand Radiant collection is the screwless faceplates. I think they have a really clean, modern look and they are super easy to install! Simply pop off the black mounting plate and screw to the outlet then pop on the wall plate making sure the little notch is at the bottom.

If you ever need to remove the faceplate, just press a small flat head screwdriver in the bottom notch and it will easily pop off.

See how easy that was? Beautiful new outlets installed in less than an hour!

This post features my experience, your wiring/outlets/experience may be different. Consult a licensed electrician if needed.

This home improvement project is shared as part of April’s At Home DIY Challenges – make sure to check out more amazing projects on the At Home DIY website!

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