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We are Knitters Kide Sweater Kit Review & Giveaway

This sweater kit was provided by We Are Knitters for free but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let me start by saying that this sweater took me waaaaay longer than I expected – not because of anything to do with the pattern, just because we adopted our kitten when I was about halfway through and she refused to let me knit without trying to murder the yarn. Not helpful.

We Are Knitters Kid Sweater knitting kit | House by the Bay

The kit provided by We Are Knitters was a lot of fun. It arrived in a cute paper bag with the yarn, pattern, knitting needles, a sewing needle for seaming, and a cute label to sew in when you’re done.

Wa Are Knitters | Sweater Knitting | House by the Bay

The Kide sweater was definitely a different pattern for me. This sweater is knit flat starting at one sleeve, increasing to create the body and then decreasing to create the other sleeve.

Knitting sweater seams | Kide sweater | House by the Bay

Because I usually knit in the round it took me a few tries to get the seaming right along the shoulders and sides, but in the end I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Kide Sweater Knitting | We Are Knitters | House by the Bay

I like the oversized fit of the sweater but because of the way the pattern is written I couldn’t make adjustments in the usual way – I would have liked to make the body of the sweater shorter. When I make my next one (and I will be making another one) I’ll probably go down a size and knit the small instead of the medium. 

Kide sweater knitting | House by the Bay

The wool that comes with the kit is very soft and easy to knit with. It creates a very warm sweater that will be great in the winter. Right now we’re still having some cool spring days and so it’s enough to keep me warm under a light raincoat. 

Kide sweater knitting | We Are Knitters | House by the Bay

The only thing I am not 100% happy with is the colour of the wool. When I was selecting my yarn online I thought this colour (wine) was going to be a deep red, but it’s actually more of a purple. Not the end of the world, colours are always hard to gauge online. While it’s not the deep red I thought it was going to be, it’s still a very nice colour.

Kide sweater knitting | We Are Knitters | House by the Bay

Do you want to win your own We Are Knitters Kide Sweater kit?

The lovely folks at We Are Knitters are giving one lucky House by the Bay reader their own Kide Sweater kit! Fill out the entry below to win! 

And, because she’s just so cute, here’s a photo of my knitting helper (but not really) Rosie helping me model my new Kide sweater:

Knitting kitten | Kide Sweater We are Knitters | House by the Bay

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  1. I’m having trouble obtaining the correct gauge for this sweater. My 4×4 takes 14 st and 18 rows. Were you able to get 12×16?

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