Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet Redo

I’m so happy that I just finished a project that I started a few months ago – new doors for my walk-in closet.

When I replaced the builder standard closet hardware (a hanging bar and single shelf) I decided to put most of my stuff along the side walls of the closet, instead of just along the back. This worked out really well for me and ended up being a more efficient use of space….except for the fact that the closet door would open into the closet and block a whole wall.

Flipping the door so that it would open out instead of in would have been really awkward in our little closet hallway so instead I decided to try and install mini french doors.

Except…I couldn’t find mini french doors in the exact size I would need. Bummer. What I did find: bifold doors from Home Depot that I decided to install as as french doors. Here’s how I did it:

bifold closet doors

Once I received my new bifold door from Home Depot (it was a special order item) I removed the hardware, filled the holes and then painted it to match the rest of our doors.

bifold close door hinges

I removed the old door (leaving the hinges installed) and moved it to our garage where I used it as a template for the hinge placement on the new doors. I definitely had to mark everything in pencil first and then double check the placement because my new doors are being installed so they open out instead of in.

bifold closet doors too short

My new doors were a little shorter than my old door so I lined up the top of the doors to make sure any gap would be at the bottom. 

Once I was absolutely confident with the placement of my hinges (picture me pretending to open an imaginary door in the middle my garage) I use a chisel to create a space for the hinge so it would  sit flush with the side of the door. I bought slightly different, smaller hinges because the old ones looked too big on the new doors.

closet door remove trim

Upstairs in the closet I had to remove the trim inside the door frame. I did this by cutting the seams and then using a box cutter, putty knife and the claw end of a hammer to slowly pry the trim off. If you go slowly you can get it off in once piece and reuse it.

closet door trim

I only broke one piece which was (luckily) still large enough to work with.

closet door frame

Chris used the placement of the old hinges on the door frame as a guide and used a chisel to create a space for the new hinges.

We installed the hinges on the doors and the frame separately and then held them in place without the pin to make sure the doors hung straight and level.

closet door adjustments

We had to make some minor adjustments before installing the doors.

closet doors new trim

Once the doors were in place I flipped the trim and reinstalled it on the door frame. 

closet door gap

Unfortunately my bifold doors were not a perfect fit for the frame. This meant a larger than normal gap between the bottom of the doors and floor, as well as a large gap between the doors. I didn’t really mind the gap at the floor (who really looks down there anyways) but I wanted to hide the gap in the centre.

closet door trim

Chris had a great idea to buy an extra piece of trim and use it to block the gap between the doors (genius!). I cut it exactly to size, slathered it with gorilla glue and clamped it in place.

Once the trim was solidly in place I installed cabinet pulls that coordinate with the other (brass) door knobs in the hallway.  

closet doors

TA-DA! Little french doors into my walk-in closet!

And inside?

closet doors inside closet

This is probably the most organized this closet has ever been.

closet doors inside closet

I used some old Ikea dressers and the Ikea ALGOT system to create a combination of drawers, shelves and hanging bars to hold all my stuff. Including some shoe shelves that help my live out my Pinterest closet dreams.

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