One Room Challenge Week 1

Office Makeover – One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 1

Can you believe it’s already One Room Challenge time again? I feel like we just finished our kitchen…oh wait..we did just finish! Um, actually guys – Chris still needs to do some trim work so we’re not 100% done…but when is anything really 100% done? Amirite?


Anyways! In an attempt to not bite off more than I can chew, this challenge I will be focusing on the home office Chris and I share. This space should be significantly less work than our first challenge – which is good because I’m tackling this one solo.


So, what’s the deal with our office? It is a big room with beautiful windows and lots of light but since we moved in I’ve struggled to find a layout I really like and so it’s a bit of a mess….as you can see here:

One Room Challenge - Office


To get a better sense of the layout, here is a floor plan I drew on the back of an envelope that is not at all to scale:

Office Floorplan Before



The room is also very yellow. I’m not sure about it, but it’s the only paint colour Chris picked in the whole house so I’m not going to change it (/allowed to change it). What I can do is make sure everything else makes the yellow look better, not worse (I’m looking at you big dark wood bookcases).


Want to see my inspiration photos? Yeah…I don’t really have any yet. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Pinterest board filled with beautiful office spaces but nothing has sparked yet – if you find something you think I’d like please share!


Right now I’m just going to start checking things off my list and wing it. We’ll see how that goes. Speaking of to-do lists (were we? we are now) here’s mine for the office makeover:


  • Rearrange furniture so layout is less…..bad. (I know, vague)
  • Improve the organization/storage for both our desks/workspaces
  • New desk chairs
  • Smaller sewing table & larger ironing board
  • New, smaller, lighter bookcases
  • Hang stuff on the walls – art? photos?
  • New light fixture
  • Window coverings
  • Talk Chris into getting a rug (ha! a girl can dream – he is decidedly anti-rug)


Pppfff I can totally do all that by myself in six weeks right? Like a boss. 


Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to check out all the other amazing participants of this year’s spring One Room Challenge on Making it Home. Are you participating? Let me know so I can come cheer you on!

4 thoughts on “Office Makeover – One Room Challenge”

  1. Good luck! You’re kitchen was gorgeous, so cannot wait to see what you do with the office.
    …also, hope to see more lounging cats in your pics 😉

  2. Your inspiration will come together. I’m curious to see what you come up with. In our last home I had a shared office space so I know the challenges. In our current home I have my own space and am also updating it. Isn’t ORC great…it was the motivation I needed.

    1. I think my biggest challenge with the shared office is that everything always seems to be pushed against the walls to make sure we don’t feel crowded – I feel like we need to take advantage of the cenrte of the room more. The ORC is definitely motivating – it’s nice to have a deadline for a project 🙂

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