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Office Makeover Progress Weeks 3 & 4

You may have noticed that I did not post an update on my office makeover last week. I’m sad to say  my dad passed away on April 16 after a year-long struggle in hospital and I decided to take a break from the blog and social media for a little while. The office, however, ended up being a good distraction for me and I managed to make a surprising amount of progress since my last post. Here’s what’s changed in the last two weeks:


Office Makeover Bookcases


The big dark bookcases are now shorter, lighter and drying in the office! 


Office Makeover Counter


The countertop for my credenza thing is also assembled, but still needs sanding, staining and sealing – my big to-do this weekend!


Office Makeover Ironing Cart


My Ikea kitchen cart is assembled and the ironing board attached (woot!) so now it’s a super-awesome MOBILE ironing board cart – who thought  I would ever get this excited about an ironing board? Eventually I think I’ll paint this bad boy white and make a new cover, but I’m not going to worry about that during this 6 week challenge.


Office Makeover Layout


I also started playing around with the furniture layout. I moved my desk next to the window (with my back to the door) but I’m not a big fan so I’m probably going to move everything again. It was nice to get things away from the wall and scare all the cats with the va-coom (yes, since watching this video this is now how my mum and I say it).


Kichler Shailene


Last but not least, I picked out and bought a new light fixture and get this…it’s already arrived! It’s a three light semi-flush from Kichler and I just need to find some time to take it out of the box and install it. Right now it’s just acting as a cat bed.


Office Makeover Cat


So, where do things stand?

  • Rearrange furniture – In Progress
  • Improve the organization/storage for both our desks/workspaces – Not Started
  • New desk chairs – Not Started
  • Folding sewing table – Not Started
  • Ironing board cart Done!
  • Bookcase/Expedit credenza thing – In Progress
  • Hang stuff on the walls – Not Started
  • New light fixture – Purchased!
  • Window coverings – Not Started
  • Talk Chris into getting a rugRequest Denied 🙁


Even though I’ve only crossed off two things on my list I’m really happy with my progress (or at least I was until I went through my list just now) lol – I’m still pretty confident I’ll make the week six reveal in time! How are your projects going? Have any good sources for desk organization or art for my walls??

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4 thoughts on “Office Makeover Progress Weeks 3 & 4”

  1. Oh my goodness, I see your cat got into the action, I too had my doggy jump on the bed when i was taking photos, I hope you feeling better! Can’t wait to see the reveal, let me know when its done so i can see it. So many blogs out here.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad! Looks like you’re making good progress in this cute work space. Love the mobile ironing board/cart. The light fixture (and kitty) is pretty!

  3. How did you attach the ironing board to the cart? And what fabric did you use to cover it? Trying to do this with my ikea cart!

    1. I used perforated plumbers tape looped through the metal underside of the board and then screwed to the wood cart – it’s held up pretty well and doesn’t move around. The fabric is actually the original ironing board cover, but any 100% cotton and batting would work for a new cover ?

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