Office Makeover

Office Makeover Reveal

A little late, but my office makeover for the spring One Room Challenge is done! I was so close to finishing in six weeks this time, but alas, other projects ended up taking priority (which I’ll be sharing soon!). Remember what our office used to look like? Dark! Cluttered! Those tall bookcases!


Office Makeover Before


And now:


Office Makeover Reveal


I love my new desk space – which is super important now that I’ve changed jobs and am working from home more (like how I snuck in that bombshell? Smooooth).


Office Makeover


And the Ikea-hack credenza thing turned out even better than I imagined. I love that we don’t have those tall dark bookcases any more – I’m even starting to like the yellow. 


Office Makeover Ikea Hack


I played around with all three of my potential furniture layouts and this one ended up being my favourite and not just because I can now watch Netflix from my new sewing table. #priorities


Office Makeover Sewing


Speaking of that sewing table – did you notice it? Nope? Because it’s hidden! Thanks to these folding brackets from Lee Valley Tools I can hide away the table when I’m not using it. AMAZING.


Sewing table


I’ve also created a nice little sitting area near the window where I can sit and read or talk to Chris while he is doing stuff at his desk. The footstool is a needlepoint done by my nana – it needs a bit of love but I’m so glad to have something she made. 


Office Makeover Reading


Speaking of Chris’ desk…it hasn’t changed at all…and I wasn’t going to muck with it to take photos so it looks exactly the same.


Office Makeover Chris


And all my mess? Yeah, that’s not magically gone – I used this handy new organization trick (are you ready for it) put everything in reusable shopping bags and throw them in the guest room until you have time to organize for real. Truth.


Office Makeover Mess


All that will eventually get sorted and put away/donated/thrown out but not in time for a reveal post. Just keeping it real. But let’s go back to this view okay?


Office Makeover


Love it.


Mostly everything in the room is DIY or from Ikea, including this Ranarp lamp that I am 100% head over heels with.


Office Makeover Ranarp Lamp


Did Ikea sponsor this makeover? Nope. That’s just how I roll. Also, with cats.


Office Makeover Joni


Thanks for checking out my office makeover! I hope you enjoyed following along with me and all the other amazing transformations that took place as part of this One Room Challenge. If you haven’t done it yet, definitely go and check them all out over at Calling it Home.


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Office Makeover

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  1. Everything looks fantastic and I’m a bit envious. It can be so hard to keep crafting supplies organized, especially when you add home office to the mix. I spent a week looking for my rotary cutter, found it, put it ‘near’ where it belonged and then lost it again. Finally I just used my scissors to cut out my project and found the rotary cutter again – an hour later.

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