Shopping the House for our Living Room Makeover

I’ve been a little late getting into the swing of things for the One Room Challenge this round, but I’m excited to say I have made a lot of progress. Well, essentially, I’ve made a giant mess.

Both of our old bookcases are gone and I am slowly getting our new media/storage unit assembled and installed I’m also sourcing all the things that will end up in our finished space. But instead of going out to the stores, I’m trying to use items that have been displaced from some of our recent projects.  


We’ve made some significant changes in our home in the last year that have eliminated the need for some of our furniture. Not wanted to get rid of some of these items, I held onto them hoping to reuse them somewhere new. I’m happy we get to hold on to some of these favourite pieces and Chris is happy they’re no longer taking up real estate in the garage!

So what items are finding a new home in the Living Room?

Our Former Kitchen Table

Kitchen Makeover - View from Hall

My family has had this table for over 50 years. It apparently came with a house my grandparents had in Saskatchewan and has been passed around from family member to family member. It started out as a card table, was converted to a coffee table and then converted back to a dining table for our kitchen. It’s been gathering dust in our garage since our renovation. My plan is to turn it into a coffee table and give it new life with a modern DIY base.

The Dining Room Rug

Another displaced item from last year’s renovation, this large rug used to live under the table in our dining room. The rug didn’t really work with our new open-concept space so it will replace the existing too-small living room rug. Don’t worry, that little rug will find a new home up in Chris’ office.

The Guest Room Headboard

Vintage Gallery Wall and DIY Pallet Wood Headboard | $100 Guest Room Makeover | House by the Bay Design

Speaking of Chris’ office – The room that used to be our guest room has changed significantly since he moved in. In all those changes my DIY pallet wood headboard no longer has a bed to hang above. I’ve received so many compliments about this piece (and love it so much) I’m going to move it to the living room to hang above the sofa. Hopefully it doesn’t need to be adjusted too much to fit!

My Modern Office Chair

So, here’s the funny story about this chair. I originally bought it off kijiji for the living room where it lived for a while with a sort-of matching chair from Structube (the Klein) . The Structube chair ended up moving down to my mum’s sitting room in the basement, so I moved the vintage chair up to my office earlier this year . My  idea was that the armchair that was originally in my office (an Ikea Melby) could move down to the living room and we’d get a second, matching one. 

Easy peasy right? Well…Ikea has discontinued that chair so no matching partner could be found. HOWEVER with some sheer dumb luck I was able to find another vintage chair on kijiji that is a very close match to the one we already have. So, the vintage chair will go back to the living room (now with a partner), get some new cushion covers and my OG office chair will return, much to our cat Joni’s satisfaction.

Sure, I’ll also probably head out to my favourite places to pick up some small decorative items (read: HomeSense) but I’m happy to give this room a makeover using a lot of favourite pieces we already own.

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