Starting my 10th One Room Challenge!

Yes friends, it’s that time of year again- The One Room Challenge started this week! Can you believe this will be my 10th time participating? Wow.

This round I will be making over a bedroom for a very special client- she has requested pink, flowers, mermaids, pink, unicorns and oh yeah, more pink.

Oh, did I forget to mention she is four?

Yes, one of my favorite humans is about to become a big sister and is moving out of her former nursery and ito her own room – complete with a big girl bed and, of course, the perfect amount of pink.

Sadly, Our project is already off to a delay as Ontario is still in a province-wide stay at Home order, so I can only plan out our project at this time (looks like I might not be able to get into the o use until week three).

But I can still show you what we’re starting with and a little bit of the design direction!

This is what the bedroom looks like right now, it’s currently being used my mom and dad as a shared home office:

One mum and dad move into their newly renovated office in the basement land the lockdown ends) we’ll be able to get to work in this space. Here’s a quick mood board of the design direction. You can also see a drawing of the design on my Instagram.

Heres the plan:

  • Clear out the room and clean the ca pets
  • Paint the walls a sweet shade of pale pink
  • Add a floral wall mural for a dreamy ‘secret garden’ feed
  • Assemble & install new furniture, window coverings, and a ceiling fan
  • Add the cutest darn accessories I can find
  • Win Auntie of the year

Seems pretty straight forward. What do you think?

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