My 2018 Fall One Room Challenge…Non-Makeover

Do you know what time it is? It’s One Room Challenge time! Yup, and this season the room I’m making over is…

. . . none of them.  

I know. Crazy.

After three years and six One Room Challenges it feels really weird to not be participating. It’s not that I’ve run out of rooms – I still have at least three spaces earmarked before I start asking friends to let me into their homes. Nope, I’m not participating this fall because we still need to finish our kitchen.

“But Casey! You finished your kitchen in the spring One Room Challenge . . . I saw it!

Kitchen Renovation Makeover Reveal | Spring 2018 One Room Challenge | House by the Bay Design

I know friend, I know.

Let me put it this way: you know how people say they live in Toronto but actually they live in a small suburb outside Toronto? Well, we finished our kitchen renovation in the spring, but still need to finish our greater kitchen area renovation.

Our front hall, for example, still needs some transition strips between the new hardwood floor and the tile.

Also baseboards.

Speaking of new baseboards, the powder room needs them too so it can match.  

Remember that nice new pantry we built to hide a heat run and house our new cold air return?

Pantry with Antique Doors | Kitchen Makeover Reveal | House by the Bay Design

Well, that cold air return still needs a vent cover.

And, did you notice in our reveal that there weren’t any photographs showing how beautiful our new open space looks from the front door? Yeah, that was intentional.

It’s really a beautiful view, but a number of nail pops, a lack of matching paint and a fear of heights have prevented us from fixing the paint on this wall yet:

Oh yeah, and speaking of walls…our adventures in HVAC also created some not-quite-finished drywall repairs on the wall leading down to the basement.

Oops. Sorry mum.

Guys – I know, we should have finished all these things AGES ago . . . but you know what? We needed a nap.

We worked so hard to get the kitchen done for the One Room Challenge – and by that I mean the downtown kitchen – when we finished, we needed a break.

Then the summer happened and we got distracted with sunshine, neighbourhood pools and travelling.

Casey & Chris at Versailles

So, here we are, the middle of October and I’m not rushing around trying to frantically makeover a space in six weeks. Instead, I’m leisurely finishing projects, relaxing and following along with the makeovers being done by some of my blogger friends.

It’s kinda nice.

. . . but . . .

Don’t worry, it won’t last long. I already have BIG plans for the 2019 spring challenge – just don’t tell Chris, okay?

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  1. Love your candor, kiddo! And totally support and agree with your reasoning. There’s no time line on the ORC’s except the ones you create. Take your time.! We’ll be here.

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