An e-design plan on a coffee table

What is E-Design and is it Right For You?

If you’ve been doing any sort of research about working with a designer or decorator you’ve probably come across the term “E-Design” and wondered exactly what that is. E-Design is my most popular design service and is a great option for those with a DIY mindset, or anyone working with a tight budget.

To help you determine if an E-Design plan is a good fit for your next project I’ve answered some of my most frequently asked questions in this post.

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An e-design plan on a coffee table

So, What is E-Design?

E-Design (sometimes called a design plan) is a digital, DIY guide for decorating your space. After collecting before photos, design preferences, and measurements, your designer will create a plan for you to follow to decorate your space yourself. Design plans usually include a mood board, floor plan, a visualization of the final space, shopping suggestions and implementation tips.

Does E-Design Cost Less than Traditional Interior Decorating?

Yes, an E-Design plan will cost less money than traditional interior decorating because you are receiving fewer services from your designer.

What does that mean? Well, usually when you hire a designer to help you update a space they provide you with a number of beneficial services in addition to creating your design – like sourcing materials, arranging trades, project management, shopping, and setup. These services all take time and therefore cost money.

With E-Design, you are only paying for the design plan, eliminating all those additional services (and costs).

Keep in mind someone still needs to do that work! While a design plan might be less expensive it will require a larger time commitment from you. You will need to decide how much your time is worth, and if those additional tasks are things that you want, or are able, to do.

Are There Any Time Benefits to E-Design?

Yes! The great thing about an E-Design plan is that you can make your changes over whatever time period you like. You are in complete control of how quickly (or slowly) you update your space.

Instead of needing to have your entire project budget on hand and ready to complete your project within a set time frame, you can choose to paint your room now and wait until next month to replace the light fixtures. Maybe you want to wait until the new coffee table in your design plan goes on sale or wait until you get a raise at work before buying the sofa. It’s totally up to you – and because you’re working off a plan, you can be confident that everything will look great once you’re done.

Do All Designers Offer E-Design?

No, many designers and decorators prefer to only take on full-service, in-person projects.

Is E-Design Right For Me?

It depends. Do you like the idea of managing your own project and doing your own shopping? Are you willing to do more work yourself to save money? Do you plan to DIY part or all of your project? If you said yes to any of those questions, then an E-Design plan might be a great fit.

Psst! E-Design not for you? I also offer full-service decorating services in the Greater Toronto Area!

How Do I Pick the Right Designer?

Take a look at their portfolio – do you like the projects they’ve done? Read through their services – do they include everything you’re looking for? Once you’ve found someone you like, fill out their contact form or send them an email to learn more about their process, prices and booking schedule.

About House by the Bay E-Design Services

I’m a big believer that you don’t need a huge budget to create a space you love. My design plans are perfect for clients who want to work with a designer while maximizing their project budget.

Just need a little help? I also offer a-la-carte design services that can be booked on their own, or in addition to an e-design plan for a custom design solution. If you’re interested, send me a quick note and I’ll get in touch to learn more about your project.

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