4 Inspiring Projects to Make with a Band Saw

A few months ago I shared some of my favourite projects to make will a drill press a seriously a really fun tool. The next tool up on my to-try list kinda scares the crap out of me – the band saw.

But, one of the fun things about taking over dad’s garage workshop is playing with all the tools he had accumulated and I’m hoping to get more comfortable with the band saw – and these projects are definitely inspiring. Do you have a band saw? Which of these would you try?

Whale Carving

band saw whale



Pen Box

band saw pen box


Christmas Tree Display

band saw christmas trees



Wall Art

band saw wood art



Maybe I could make some canoe paddles to hang on the wall à la Joanna Gaines? That would be pretty cool.

band saw canoe paddle



Do you have a favourite project that uses a band saw that I missed? Please share!



DIY Band Saw Projects to TryRight Now

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