Beach Quilt Model

The Perfect Beach Quilt

Beach Quilt Bag

Last weekend Chris and I went to a friend’s cottage. It was the perfect place to take my latest beach quilt for a spin (and take some photos).  This was a really quick quilt that came together in about three days. It has a variety of nautical prints in blues, reds and greys. My favourites are definitely the anchors and the little beach huts.

Beach Quilt

The best thing about the beach quilt? The towel backing! It makes it extra warm and functional for drying off at the lake, and super cozy for wrapping up in on a cool summer night.

Beach Quilt Towel

The beach quilt is definitely meant to be used – picnics, festivals, it actually would have been awesome last month when we went to the drive-in (p.s. drive-ins are still awesome and Ghostbusters was amazing).

Beach Quilt Dock

This quilt is not for sale, but I am taking orders for custom beach quilts in my Etsy shop.

Beach Quilt Dock

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