Demo Day Master Closet Makeover | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Demo Day | Spring One Room Challenge | Week Two

Let me just start by saying, taking down drywall is quite the workout! Because I did the first few hours of demo on my own (Chris was curling) I decided to watch a video to, you know, find out how to remove drywall. I headed over to YouTube, watched this video (amazing) and figured yeah, I’ve totally got this.

Master Closet Demo Day | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Okay, so I totally had it…but…demo took all day (and some of the night) and was way harder than I expected.  After the first half hour I was texting my mum and sweet-talking her into bring me beer and passing it through the dust barrier. I guess you can tell I’m not really a gym goer when my “workouts” require beer.

Notice all that debris? Yeah. That was fun. We filled 10 contractor sized garbage bags and lugged them downstairs to the garage to deal with them later. 

To keep dust from taking over our bedroom we made our own dust barrier using some lightweight plastic sheeting, painters tape and a couple of extendable-rod thingies (that’s the technical term).

It was pretty effective and kept our bedroom essentially dust free. Because we were removing all the drywall in one day we didn’t bother with a zipper door or anything, we just shimmied under the bottom. Unfortunately it didn’t help protect our bedroom from the mess of living without a closet.

Master closet demo day messy bedroom | Spring One Room Challenge Week Two

Usually we don’t get to the really messy stage of the One Room Challenge until week five (maybe week four) but in week two? This is a bad sign. Oh well – it’ll be worth it, right?

Also I just noticed when I looked at that photo that our bedside lamps are two different heights. Weird.

Moving on…

Because we’ve taken out walls the floor had some big gaps in it and a whole bunch of pieces have been cut short and are now missing their tongue (or their groove). Instead of trying to patch in some new boards we’ve just taken the whole floor up and put it aside. Because it’s a floating floor taking it apart took less than 10 minutes. I have a feeling putting it back down will take a lot longer. Also, I need to wear gloves because I got so. many. splinters. 

master closet demo day flooring | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

We have an extra box of flooring coming in this week to replace all the boards that have been cut short. Once we’ve painted the walls we’ll put the old boards back down, replacing the cut pieces with ones from a new box we’ve ordered. To make things easier for us on re-installation day Chris had the idea of labeling each board so we know where it was before.

It’s like a giant floor-sized puzzle.

That gives you splinters.

Over the rest of the weekend we managed to get the old closets completely torn apart, the electrical moved and all the new framing in (phew!).

master closet makeover framing | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Yesterday we bought all our drywall (which required a short-term van rental to get home) and then did a quick trip to the dump with all our demo debris.

Master closet makeover drywall installation | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

We managed to get the drywall up on one side of our new wall but we still need to do the bedroom side, and patch some places inside the closet. Tomorrow we start mudding and hopefully flooring can go in next week!

I’m now going to and attempt to tidy up some of the mess in our bedroom. Or use the mess to build a giant fort for me and the cats…you know, either one.

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27 thoughts on “Demo Day | Spring One Room Challenge | Week Two”

  1. That sentence is quite possible the most canadian thing I’ve read in a while. Good on him for curling when he could be tearing down dry-wall with you!
    Also, when in doubt, Fort Kick-Ass with the kitties is always a good idea.

  2. Wow! You got so much done in Week 2, good for you guys! My house is a bit of a mess too, Comes with the territory. Looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂

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