Hatteras Bay 1 Light LED Flush Mount in Olde Bronze | Closet Makeover | House by the Bay

We Have Lights and Also I Hate Drywall | Spring One Room Challenge | Week Three

The lights featured in this post were given to me by Kichler to use in our closet makeover. All opinions shared are my own.
It’s Week Three of the One Room Challenge and we’re halfway through our master closet makeover. We got a lot accomplished in Week Two but since then our progress has slowed dramatically.

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Let’s start with the best part of Week Three – our new lights and installed, the power is back on, and they are amazing!

closet lights installed | Kichler Hatteras Bay Collection | One Room Challenge | House by the Bay
These bad boys are the Hatteras Bay 1 Light LED Flush Mount in Olde Bronze from Kichler.

I absolutely love Kichler’s Hatteras Bay collection and its nautical/industrial vibe. We installed two of the pendants from the collection in our kitchen during our first One Room Challenge so I jumped at the chance to add these ceiling lights to our closet.

Kitchen Renovation - Close up
Pendants from the Kichler Hatteras Bay Collection

In my opinion, one of the best things about these fixtures is that they have the LED lights built-in. That means there are no bulbs to change – ever.

LED Ceiling Light | Kichler Hatteras Bay Collection | One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Chris and I have been slowly switching all our lights and light bulbs over to LEDs to help save on energy costs. While LEDs can be more expensive, the long lifespan and significant energy savings make them totally worth it.

LED Ceiling Light | Kichler Hatteras Bay Collection | One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Before we installed the lights, Chris was a little concerned that they would be too bright for the space and I will say, these lights are definitely bright. But, in a room that has absolutely zero natural light we need all the bright we can get. We did install and test one fixture on its own first and but it was too dark, two is absolutely perfect.

Closet Makeover Construction | One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

So what was the not so awesome update this week?

Drywall mudding…..is still going on.

New closet entrance | Spring One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

Remember last week when I was so cute and said I hoped to have the flooring done for this week’s post? Oh Casey, how naive. Drywall mudding does not take two days, it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

I’m now actually reconsidering every project on my wish list that requires drywalling (I’m looking at you, office expansion).

To be fair, anywhere that has totally new drywall looks awesome. It’s where the new meets the old that things get a little…wonky. Chris wanted to use the mesh joint tape because it’s apparently easier to work with than paper tape, but getting smooth coverage of the mesh is taking a lot of time.

I hate drywall mudding | Closet Makeover One Room Challenge | House by the Bay
After 1-2 coats of mudding

I’m also very impatient. I’m ready for it to be done and I’m getting frustrated that it’s taking so long (we’re on coat 5 and you can still see a bit of the mesh in places).

I’ve essentially given up on mudding (I also suck at it) so Chris is carrying the team on this one. He’s confident that he’s now got the hang of it. Thank goodness. So, while he continues to mud, I have been staring at paint samples.

Paint Samples | Closet Makeover One Room Challenge | House by the Bay

The funny thing about the samples I picked is that they are essentially the same colour we already have in the bedroom (that teal strip next to the door). We have some of the bedroom paint leftover so I think I’m just going to continue that colour into the closet.

The only other progress I made this week was deciding to forget about building between-the-studs shelves for my shoes. Instead, I’m thinking of grabbing a bookcase from our spare room and giving it a makeover to look like a built-in.

Because we’re halfway through- and I like to make lists – here’s where we’re at in our makeover progress:

  • Demo the existing closets
  • Take up hardwood floor
  • Frame new closet wall & entrance
  • Install new ceiling lights
  • Hang drywall and mud seams
  • Prime & paint walls
  • Re-install hardwood floor
  • Install painted baseboards & quarter round
  • Clean all the things
  • Give bookcase & small dresser paint makeovers
  • Install closet hardware
  • Hang a full-length mirror
  • Move all our stuff back into the closet
  • Drink a really big glass of wine

Oh, and in case you’re curious, the mess in our bedroom has gotten worse due to the addition of more tools, work boots, drywall mud splatters, a giant ladder, a shop vac and a kitten who thinks all of the previous things are toys meant for her to play with.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to check out all the other amazing projects going on as part of the One Room Challenge on Calling it Home.

12 thoughts on “We Have Lights and Also I Hate Drywall | Spring One Room Challenge | Week Three”

  1. Those lights are really cool! I need those for my basement! Drywall sucks. It’s my least favorite thing to do ever. I’m a DIY girl like no other, but I think we’ll hire it out when we do our basement. 😉

  2. I feel ya girl! Drywalling and mudding is soooo much work! Way more than you ever think it will be. And then your whole home is full of drywall dust, lol. It’ll be worth it though!

  3. Wow! Those lights are so cool! I’d love to use them in our basement playroom. I didn’t realize they made lights that would never need a new bulb. That’s crazy neat. As for drywalling…. blah. Feel your pain – I’ve had an un-mudded wall for months now because I can always find something more fun to do instead! lol

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