Goals and Planning for 2017

Hey! How’s your January been going? Did you have a nice holiday?


As I mentioned in my last post I decided to take a few weeks “vacation” to focus on family and coursework. And you know what? It was great. Our first Christmas without dad was difficult, but there was still a lot of joy and laughter – exactly what he would have wanted. I’ve made great progress on my interior decoration certification and I also managed to do a bit of planning and goal setting at the same time.


What about last year?


In 2016 I gave myself a two part goal: don’t buy any clothes and make them instead. How did I do? Well, other than some underwear and a jersey for my favourite sports team I didn’t buy any clothing. I’m pretty happy about that. I cleaned out my entire closet and donated a lot of items I had held onto for way too long.  One thing I’ve realized is that I’m not really clear on what my style is – which I think is why I’ve ended up with such a random, mismatched and overstuffed closet. I’m thinking about working with someone (like The Refinery) to help me figure this out. Have you worked with a stylist? Any recommendations?


On the other side, I didn’t make a single thing I would wear out in public. Yup. Not one thing. I’m not going to dwell on this because 2016 was a very emotional year and finding the motivation to tackle some serious sewing projects just wasn’t happening. I am very close to finishing a knitted sweater though so that counts for something right?


So what are my goals for 2017?


My Personal Goals


  • Give everything a place. Sounds a little funny right? Well, here’s the thing – I’m a really messy person…and I have a lot of stuff. Perfect combination right? Not so much. I’m going to be pushing myself this year to let go of a lot of stuff and give everything I have a home. In my mind, if everything has a place then I should be able to keep things tidier – sounds logical right?


  • Make more of my own clothes. Yup, I’m going to try this again. I have a fabric stash just waiting to be cut up and a bunch of patterns burning a hole in my…computer folder? Stay Printer? Whatever, you know what I mean. I will be allowing myself to buy clothes this year…just carefully. I don’t want to undo all that purging I did last year. Stay tuned later this week for my winter to-make list. 


My Blog & Biz Goals


  • Launch my e-design and interior decorating business! Yup, this is definitely the biggie and I’m super excited. There’s a lot of things I have to get done but as they say – good things come to those who hustle! Interested in working with me? Make sure to sign up for my weekly emails to stay in the loop 😉


  • Get more involved on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram and Pinterest are my jam but Twitter and Facebook? I’m still figuring those out. If there’s anything you’d like to see from me on those sites please let me know!


  • Publish more tutorials and room makeovers. YAAASSS this makes me so excited! I have a ton of great projects planned for this year and some fun tutorials for DIY awesomeness. What am I thinking exactly? Well that leads nicely to…


  • Attend more conferences. Last year I went to the Build your Blog conference in Salt Lake City and it was incredibly helpful. This year I’d love to attend at least two conferences – Haven and BlogPodium.


My DIY Plans


  • Slipcovers! Weeee more sewing! Apparently all my Ikea furniture has been discontinued (of course) and new slipcovers are desperately needed. So? Make them myself of course! We’ll see how that goes.


  • Our master bedroom. I have so many plans for this space – an epic new walk-through closet, custom bookcases with built-in laundry baskets and some more storage in our ensuite bathroom.


  • More Garden! We’re done with decks. For reals this time. This summer is for adding more plants (and drinking more daquiritas).  



2017 is going to be a great year and I’m excited to work towards these goals. What do you have planned for this year? Can I help you achieve any of your goals?

3 thoughts on “Goals and Planning for 2017”

  1. You didn’t buy any clothes in 2016? I think I might die or at least have severe withdrawals from buying tshirts!!! You’re my hero!

  2. Love your spirit, Casey! And your ability to focus and clarify and articulate what you want to do in various areas, all with a wonderfully positive attitude! Go get ’em, girl!

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