I Hate My Bathroom

It’s getting cold, and in this house that means it’s time to tackle a indoor design project. Apparently when I spend too much time indoors I start thinking about DIY projects around the house – who knew!?

First in line for a new look: our master bathroom. I have a love/hate relationship with our room – it’s a great size with an awesome shower but it’s so builder bland! Ready for some honest bathroom photos?


I love my Ikea cabinet, hate the colour. And, yes…that is a pillow on top of the toilet. I have absolutely no idea why.


Our epically huge shower and a random Ikea shelving unit which isn’t really holding anything…


Our dead boring vanity with the randomness that is our bathroom countertop…photo album, pencil, glass of water for the cat (she thinks she’s people).

Clearly this bathroom needs some personality and we need to be WAY more organized. So, I’m on the hunt for bathroom inspiration and trying to create a plan that will give our master bath a much needed makeover without breaking the bank.

My bathroom wish list:

  • More flattering lighting & a smaller mirror
  • Updated vanity with more functional storage
  • Somewhere to hang towels (that is not over the shower door)
  • Consistent colour scheme

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