I have this thing with roosters

It all started on a trip to my local Value Village. I was on the hunt for a new sugar bowl that was big enough to hold a useful amount of sugar and interesting enough to not be boring. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks – This one’s too small! This one’s too floral! This one’s too brown. And then, I saw him.

A rooster sugar bowl. He was a great size and had a bit of farmhouse charm without be too kitschy.

What am I talking about? He was the king of kitsch! But I loved him anyways. And then…my mother talked me out of buying him.

I immediately regretted it and went back the next day to scoop him up, but he was already gone. Heartbroken I took my search online trying to find a rooster sugar bowl I could call my own.

What is the moral of this story?

  1. Just the buy the $1 sugar bowl. It’s worth it. Even it you turn around and donate it back to them the next day.
  2. There is some really awesome rooster/chicken decor out there

I may have become a little obsessed with roosters & chickens, I might have started researching backyard chicken coops and #chickensofinstagram might be my new favourite hashtag. Don’t judge me.

Join me.

Rooster Decor
1. Wicked Chickens Free Printable 2. Ceramic Rooster 3. French Hen Butter Dish (discontinued) 4. Free Chicken Bucher Printable 5. Rooster Food Canisters 6. Ceramic Hen Egg Basket

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