ORC Week 4: Lighting & Tiles

Okay, this has been a huge week for us and the One Room Challenge. Things are starting to feel less like chaos and more like a kitchen. But first, there was chaos. While Chris was getting all the new wiring roughed in for our under shelf lighting we definitely hit what I think will be our messiness low point. At least I HOPE it was the low point.

Kitchen Makeover Low Point

Yes, that’s the dishwasher in the middle of the floor – isn’t that where you keep yours? I laugh so I don’t cry.

Once all the wiring was sorted everything just started coming together. Our light fixtures arrived and we got them installed one night after dinner (sorry for the super dark photo):

Light FixturesBoth the pendant lights are from the Hatteras Bay collection by Kichler. I don’t know the brand of the semi-flush ceiling light, it was a floor model I picked up on clearance at our local lighting store. I’m not sure fits with the other lights but it works for now. If we find another fixture we like more this one might end up in another room.

Then, Chris had a few extra days off and tiled most of the backsplash – It looks Ah-maz-ing!


I had no idea how big of a difference the tile would make. The kitchen already seems brighter. Also, can you believe he’s never tiled before? He did such a good job. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure he never wants to tile again and that next time it will be my turn.

I say “most of the backsplash” because part way through tiling we actually had the crazy idea to tile all the way up and around the window soooo we had to pick up more tile. Hopefully he’ll be done this weekend and then we can grout.  

Painting is still continuing. Almost all the coats are done on the lower doors and I managed to get the cabinets inside painted (using a mini foam roller, not the sprayer). It’s great to actually see the new colours in place! I know it’s a small area but you can kinda get the idea here:


I love how the dark grey paint looks against the tiles and granite counter. SOOO much better than the original dark brown wood.

Can not resist…ONE more shot of that tile!



Apparently the new cabinets we ordered are ready to be delivered so we should have them installed soon. This weekend while Chris finishes the tiling I’ll be starting on the shelves to go under the cabinets. Phew! This is almost becoming a full-time job (in addition to my full-time job lol).

Hopefully no more dishwashers in the middle of the floor!

Are you following along with all the other amazing guest participants in the One Room Challenge? There are some seriously inspiring projects! Make sure to check them all out on Calling it Home.

8 thoughts on “ORC Week 4: Lighting & Tiles”

  1. Wow! What a difference that tile makes! It does look so good. I really love your lights too. They have almost a nautical feel. You have made some great progress. Your dishwasher had me cracking up. I can’t wait to see what next week brings.


    1. Thanks Nancy! The lights and the tiles really brighten up the place – we just keep turning them on and admiring them (it helps to distract us from all the mess) – thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. It’s starting to come together!!! That tile, the paint, the lights, it all looks great! We were feeling the same way the other week, our master bath project was also all over in our bedroom and it was so messy and dusty, I laughed so I didn’t cry. Can’t wait to see your kitchen in two weeks!

  3. Wow. Love that dark grey paint colour against your counter and floor tile. Much more modern. Can’t wait to see when you have the cabinet doors installed. By the way, love your tiles. I was going to redo our tiles but I’m not confident in tiling at all so l’m painting them with tile paint and have mosaic board at the cooker which I’m planning to do myself. Karolina

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