dream diy home bucket list

My Dream DIY Home Bucket List

Do you have a home bucket list? You know, a list of all the projects or changes you would like to finish in your home? I definitely do. Today I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into  a couple of the projects on my DIY home bucket list.


Short-Term Projects

I have a few projects on my short-term DIY list – essentially things I would like to do in the next two years. They include organizing our laundry room, making a comfortable guest room and doing something about our tiny hallway linen closet. The short-term project I’m most excited for though is in our bedroom.


Our Shared Closet DIY

We have a really nice size master bedroom and a beautiful ensuite, right now these are joined together with a small hallway that holds two closets, one for Chris and one for me.


There are a couple of things I dislike about this set up. Because of where we’ve set up our bed (and we’ve tried moving it trust me) your direct line of sight is into the bathroom. I can’t really explain why I don’t like this and Chris thinks I’m nuts but whatever, I’m not a fan.


Master bedroom closet hallway


When we’re both trying to get ready at the same time or are putting away laundry the hallway becomes a maze of doors.


Master bedroom all the closet doors

Long story short, essentially I think we can make better use of the space. What I’m hoping to do (and soon!) is turn this small hallway with two closets into one big shared closet that you walk through to get to the bathroom – and I want to do it by moving the doorway like this:


dream diy home bucket list | new closet doorway location


We can repurpose the Ikea Algot hardware we’re already using by configuring it in the new space and we’ll both end up with more storage space (and a nice big area for getting ready).


dream diy home bucket list | new walk through shared closet


It also means we’ll have a longer sold wall in our bedroom for our bookcases which I think will look way better.


Long-Term Projects

So what about long-term projects? We have a couple. There’s a bedroom on our second floor that just isn’t being used and we’ve flirted with the idea of expanding our office and making our four bedroom house into a three bedroom. That’s kinda tricky though and we’re not sure how it will affect the resale value in our  neighbourhood. The big long term project we have in mind is on our main floor – we’d love to open up our dining room and kitchen to make it more open concept.


The Main Floor Reno

I know, I know, we just did the kitchen. You know what? It’s okay. The plan we have for this future reno would mean taking everything down very carefully, storing it and then reinstalling. I even found some tutorials on reusing backsplash tile (although I’m not sure how realistic that would be). So rest assured, nothing we’ve done in our kitchen already would be wasted.


dream diy home bucket list | current main floor layout


The advantage to renovating our main floor is in the dining room. We probably use this room two or three times a year so it’s really wasted space.


dream diy home bucket list | new main floor renovation plan


We also love the idea of having a bigger kitchen with a large island. The big roadblock to this project is that the wall we need to take down is load bearing and replacing it with a beam is expensive – at this point we think we’re looking at a 25-30k project. So, for now we’re dreaming and saving up the money.


So, what about you? Do you have a home bucket list? I’d love to know what projects you have on it!

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  1. When it comes to your master bedroom issue (clear site-line to the bathroom) I totally understand and share this with you! From my bed, I can see my toilet. Yup…the toilet. How romantic right? My desire would be to combine the adjacent walk-in closet with the existing ensuite and move the bathroom door. I need to pay for the basement first! lol

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