Bathroom makeover shiplap walls

Shiplap Walls and Bathroom Makeover Progress for the One Room Challenge

Well, true to form this week has been my “Casey makes a big mess” week – which means the makeover is almost finished!


I had a few stops and starts this week which have been frustrating, but not the end of the world. I started painting the vanity (woo!) except the paint was REALLY streaky and I don’t like the semi-gloss finish (boo!).


Bathroom Makeover Painted Vanity


So that’s getting repainted with Benjamin Moor Advance – the same paint I used for our kitchen cabinets last year. Not sure why I didn’t start with that in the first place…


The shiplap is mostly installed (woo!). The planks are just 1/4″ plywood cut down to 6″ strips. I think it’s looking pretty good except for the planks around the outlet – I need to redo them and learn how to extend the outlet out to be flush with the panelling.


Bathroom Makeover Shiplap Walls


The walls are painted, the shiplap is about to be primed & painted…and hey look! Tub doors!


Bathroom Makeover Tub Doors


They still need to be installed but we’ve hit a small snag with our bathtub – apparently this lip is in the way.


Bathroom Makeover Bathtub Lip


Our installer is helping us figure out a solution so hopefully they’ll be in soon.


How’s everything else going?


Well, the light fixture needs an electrical box so I need to install one of those before putting it up. And oh yeah, I need to learn how to install one first lol.


Bathroom Makeover Light Fixture Hole


I want to add some trim to the top of the shiplap so it looks more finished, but I’m not sure what will look best. Suggestions?


Bathroom Makeover Shiplap Trim


The countertop is all stained and just needs it’s protective finish. I’m waiting for the level of sawdust to go down in the garage before finishing that one.


Oh yeah! Cabinet hardware! That needs to get installed also…I’m going to reuse some knobs we removed from our kitchen and some cup pulls that we bought for another project that didn’t work…that is…if I can find out where we put them.


Thanks for checking out my progress! Definitely go check out all the other makeovers in progress for the One Room Challenge over at Calling it Home.

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  1. LizzieLivingPretty

    It’s looking good! Love the shiplap – can’t wait to see all those finishing touches come together – good luck!

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