Space Theme Nursery Design Plan

Hey hey! It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge and today I want to share the nursery design & progress so far for the nursery project (aka room one for this challenge). 

Back in February I went to visit Kaila and Andrew to hang out and talk nursery. I took a bunch of measurements and we started a plan for the room.

Here is the nursery wish list: 

  • Space theme 
  • Mix of bright white and bright colours
  • Fun rug that is easy to clean
  • Incorporate the rocking chair/glider they were given by a friend
  • Budget & renter friendly

And here is the final design!

How cute is that wall mural?! It has been sponsored by Photowall and I think it is perfect for the room. I’m hoping that I will be able to help install it in a couple of weeks if our social distancing measures start to be reduced.

Because the mural and rug are so colourful, all the furniture is going to be neutral and white. The crib will be one of those convertible contraptions that turn into a toddler bed then a full bed  and the dresser (which will be secured to the wall, don’t worry) will also double as a changing area. 

On the other side of the room, some picture ledges will hold books and the closet will store more clothes and toys.

So what’s happened in this space so far? Kaila and Andrew have cleared everything out (Andrew’s home office has been relocated to the finished basement) and the entire place has been cleaned. 

I used my handy colour sensor do-dad to pick out some paint colours that would coordinate nicely with the mural (which was shipped to me) and I ordered some swatches to be sent by mail with a little mini print of the mural so Kaila and Andrew could pick their favourite. 

Thanks to online ordering and curbside pick up they were able to get paint and supplies. All the walls except the mural wall have been painted as well as all the trim. The ceiling also got a fresh coat of paint, due to an unfortunate incident with some exploding printer toner. 

The next step will be getting all the furniture assembled and setup, and of course, installing that mural! We held a virtual baby shower last weekend and mom and dad received lots of goodies to fully pull together the room. 

Curious to know what’s going on in our One Room Challenge project at home? Pretty much nothing. Chris has taken down the old wall sconces that used to frame the guest bed and he has patched all the drywall. I’ll be sharing more design details for Chris’ new office next week and hopefully by then I’ll have some walls painted!

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7 thoughts on “Space Theme Nursery Design Plan”

  1. I LOVE what you’re doing in this room. That mural is the coolest. I love Photowall products. It’s refreshing to see a child’s room that isn’t ultra curated and trendy. It’s going to be the cutest space.

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