Installing the Space-Themed Nursery Mural

The nursery mural is INSTALLED! And OMG guys it is sooo cute. With the mural in place and furniture starting to be assembled this room is really starting to come together!

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Yes, I headed over to my girlfriend’s house, wearing a mask and keeping distance, and got the mural installed! I took the photo above right after installation so the wallpaper paste hadn’t had time to fully dry before I left (which is why the white areas might look a little splotchy – just ignore that).

The colours in the mural are perfect and the pattern is adorable. There is a fish. In space. I’m in love.

The design is called Water Color Space I and, like all Photowall murals, it has been custom printed to fit the nursery wall perfectly.

Installation was very straightforward. The mural arrived from Photowall in one continuous roll and included a pouch of dry wallpaper paste that just had to be mixed with water. 

Each panel is clearly labeled so once a panel was installed, I cut the next one from the roll. I used some heavy books to hold the corners down flat while I applied the wallpaper paste to the wall with a large brush. I’m not sure the books really did much, but I didn’t have any issues with the paper curling too much so…win?

Once the panel was on the wall and the seam was tight and lined up, I used a sponge and wallpaper scraper to remove any bubbles. After about 3 hours the mural was installed and looked amazing!

Love this mural? Photowall is offering a 25% discount if you want to grab it (or another beautiful print) using the promo code:


There are lots of beautiful designs so if you have been thinking about getting a mural…do it!

Mom and Dad have already started assembling furniture and getting things set up – only a few more weeks until the room is ready (and officially occupied) – I can’t wait!

Next week I’ll be sharing an update on Chris’ office and my DIY dream that was crushed (but then worked out pretty good). In the meantime, make sure to head over to the One Room Challenge site to check out some of the other makeovers getting tackled!

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