Drinking tea with hot rollers

How I’m Staying Sane While Staying Home

Things are crazy right now.

I think we’re into week three of our social distancing measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. Maybe it’s week four? I’m already losing track.

Whatever week it is, a lot of people are still trying to figure out this whole working from home thing while also trying not to go stir crazy.

A couple of days ago I shared some of my tips for working from home, and today I thought I’d share some of non-work things I’m doing to keep myself occupied (and entertained) while staying home.

I Am Learning a New Skill

Okay, I am learning how to use hot rollers. But hey – practice makes perfect and I’m not going anywhere.

Drinking tea with hot rollers

I Am Not Wearing My PJs All Day

As someone who has worked from home for almost four years now I feel like I have mastered the comfortable but not scare-the-delivery-guy embarrassing uniform: Pants that feel like leggings (or leggings that look like pants?), a men’s dress shirt, the best bralette ever (because bra-less is not an option), my favourite slippers and a hair scrunchie.

I Am Doing All the Skincare

I am busting out all the different potions and creams in my bathroom and layering them together to hopefully create the best skin ever. If there’s a 25-step skincare video out there, I have probably watched it. It’s like being at a frickin’ spa…except with cats crying at you constantly for food.

I Am Taking the Time to Be Creative

I find making something with my hands very relaxing. I am trying to take this extra time at home to pull out some of my in progress quilting and knitting projects and finish them off. Who knows, a new Etsy store might be in my future…

Cat sleeping on handmade quilt

Chris and I Are Killing All the Monsters

If you’ve been checking out my insta stories you’ve probably seen the epic board game that Chris and I have been playing. It’s called Gloomhaven and it is so. much. fun. You pick characters, go on missions, kill monsters and collect treasure. Chris calls it a “dungeon crawler” (which means nothing to me) and we love it. While it will probably be years before we finish the game (not joking) I already have my eye on the new sequel on Kickstarter.

I Am Reading Constantly

Are you reading anything good right now? I’m finally working my way through all the books people have recommended to me.

I Am Being Useful (or Trying to Be)

One of our local hospitals has asked for people to start sewing masks that can be given to hospital visitors and discharged patients. My fabric stash has been waiting for this moment. I’m using this pattern and my Cricut Maker to speed up production.

I Am Tracking All the Numbers

Yes, I am someone who is keeping a close eye on the numbers. I want to know that we’re moving things in the right direction, that we’re flattening the curve, that all this social and physical distancing is doing something. My favourite sources?

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Canadian Government Epidemiological Summary site to see cases tracked by first symptom date rather than testing date.

The daily World Health Organization situation reports are keeping me up to date on the reported numbers around the world.

I also love the line chart view on this site that lets you compare multiple countries based on days since 100th case (rather than calendar date).

I Am Staying Home

Stay home and stay healthy friends!

(and wash your hands)

Bathroom sink and brushed nickel faucet

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