My Work From Home Essentials

Are you starting to work from home for the first time? While I’m not an expert, I have been working from home for about four years now and have some of my own strategies & tips for staying productive.

My Work From Home Essentials

Good Lighting

I think creating a well-lit workspace is essential to being productive and generally happier. If you can set up your desk to be near a window to get some natural light that’s even better. If you find yourself working mostly in the evenings (maybe after kiddos have gone to bed), try turning on a few lamps instead of using an overhead light, it can be less harsh and more comfortable to work in after dark.

A Proper Chair

Sure, you might want to occasionally work on the sofa or from a comfy armchair, but do it all the time and your back/neck/wrists will start to hate you. A proper office chair is designed to be sat in for extended periods of time – they don’t have to be expensive (or ugly). I have this one from IKEA, but eventually I’d like to get one of these to help with my posture.

Office Plants

They don’t have to be real but I am convinced that I am 100% happier with pretty green things in my workspace. I have no scientific proof to back this up. Not sure how to care for plants? Me either. My girl Brittany can help.

Office plants

Keep a To Do List

I find the best way for me to make sure I’m staying productive (and not falling down a Pinterest rabbit hole) is to have a to-do list and stick to it. I use a combination of a daily paper planner (aka a lined notebook where I have written a date on every page) and the app Todoist.

Take Breaks

I find I am much more productive when working form home and it can be very easy to forget to take a break. I always make sure to get up and stretch my legs often and at lunch I do not eat at my desk (something I was always guilty of when I worked in an office).

When You’re Done for the Day, Be Done

I find this is one of the hardest things about working from home – actually stopping. It’s so easy to get distracted thinking about that “one more thing” I could get done. When you’re finished for the day, shut things down. Pack up your laptop or close your office door and enjoy your super short commute.

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