The Fastest Way to Remove Backsplash Tile

Mum’s kitchenette has officially been demoed! Because this was such a small kitchen removing the cabinets only took an afternoon and day two of demo was spent learning the fastest way to remove backsplash tile.

I started by trying to remove the backsplash tile carefully without damaging the drywall using a small chisel and hammer. This is how much progress I made in 30 mins:

AND I STILL DAMAGED THE DRYWALL. Not worth it. I gave up on that and just started cutting the drywall out with the backsplash attached – 30 mins later it was done.

Now, I learnt many moons ago when we did our master bedroom closet renovation that drywalling is not a skill I possess. I am way too impatient to carefully and lovingly apply and sand multiple coats of drywall compound to create a perfectly smooth wall surface. However, I am trying to do as much of this renovation on my own as I can as Chris is deep into his school semester and I don’t want to bug him too much – I will definitely need his help with some of the heavy lifting and plumbing work coming up!

Let’s just acknowledge up front that it’s lucky my drywall handy-work will be hidden by the refrigerator and backsplash tile. 

Now, I only had some small scraps of drywall to work with so I had to piece together a few to cover everything. Chris taught me a cool trick to add some 2×2 to the side of the studs to create more surface area to attach the drywall to. 

After the drywall was installed, I covered all the seams with mesh tape and a coat of drywall compound. I’m hoping that I’ll only have to do 2-3 coats and that will be good enough!

Next step will be install the cabinets, countertop and sink!

Fastest Way to Remove Backsplash Tile

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