Moody Paint & Patterns

Las Vegas Market Winter 2020 Trends

Two weeks ago I packed my bags and headed down to Las Vegas for the semi-annual Las Vegas Market – a huge trade show event with over 4,300 exhibiting furniture, decor and gift manufacturers. It was my first time attending a market like this, I had a lot of fun, learnt a lot and saw a lot of new 2020 trends!

I’ll be sharing more a little later about my tips and tricks for attending and navigating Las Vegas Market as a newbie, but today I thought I’d share some of the trends and patterns I noticed while exploring the many, many showrooms.

The first thing I’ll point out is that almost every designer I heard speak seemed to talk about “not following trends” and going the opposite of trends”. I’ll be honest, I started to roll my eyes when I heard this, especially because many of those designers are considered to be “trend setters”. Sure, some things will be popular for a short period and then disappear, others will stick around for the long haul. But right now, this is what manufacturers think people will want to buy in 2020.


Cane and Wicker Furniture

Cane was everywhere at market – chairs, light fixtures, tables, beds – you name it, you could find it made of cane. I especially loved the wicker cabinets.

Vintage & Vintage Style Rugs

Vintage Style Rugs

I love vintage rugs. I do not always love the price tag that comes on many vintage rugs. I am always so excited to see manufacturers of affordable rugs creating vintage inspired patterns with bold colours and a faded look. Of course, actual vintage rugs are an amazing one-of-a-kind find – I picked up a little one at the “cash and carry” event that I have fallen in love with. 

Dark and Moody Paint & Patterns

Moody Paint & Patterns

Many of the showrooms I visited had painted their walls with dark colours as a backdrop to feature bright and light products. I also loved this moody floral removable wallpaper.

Basket lights

Basket Light Fixtures

I started to get the feeling that every showroom I went into was going to have basket lights…and I was okay with it. I think these lights are fun and the majority were very affordable.

Light Creamy Wood

Light Grey/Beige Wood

One of the biggest patterns I saw in furniture was lighter shades of wood. I’m not sure what this colour is called, but it’s not quite grey, not quite brown – the perfect not-too-warm creamy tone. Some shades were more rustic, some more polished, but nice to see something lighter than walnut everywhere.

Las Vegas Market Trends 2020

What do you think? Do any of these trends speak to you? If you want to see more of the photos I took at Las Vegas Market I have a highlight saved in my Instagram Stories of the entire trip!

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