New Very Square Baseboards from Metrie | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design

One Room Challenge Week Three: Ice Storms, Floors and Baseboards

The baseboards featured in this week’s post were provided by one of my One Room Challenge sponsors, Metrie. All opinions are my own.

I feel like every week during the One Room Challenge is a little crazy. I mean, we’re hustling to get so much done in a relatively short period of time. But this week? Bananas.

We had an ice storm!

In April!

I know I joked about painting kitchen cabinets in the snow again…but I WAS joking!

April Ice Storm | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design


Anyway, other than some small delays due power outages we made some HUGE progress this week.

Our hardwood floors are officially installed and they look amazing!

Quickstyle Maple Charcoal Hardwood | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design

It’s so funny how protective we are of these floors because we installed them ourselves. Every once and while Chris and I will suddenly drop to the ground to investigate something that looks like a scratch (so far it’s always been just dust or cat fur). I know that they will eventually get scratches (because, life) but right now I am enjoying their perfection.

Now, new hardwood floors would not be complete without new baseboards.

New Very Square Baseboards from Metrie | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design

Holding some new flooring next to our baseboards after their first coat of paint

The builder of our house had avery distinct style, and it didn’t really match ours. All the trim work was very…traditional. Remember all those pillars?

With the new floors going in, I really wanted to use this opportunity to update our baseboards to something that had a more contemporary look – That’s where Metrie comes in.

I met the great folks from Metrie at the BlogPodium conference in Toronto last fall and was really excited to learn more about their products and work with them on this makeover.  

Metrie Very Square Collection | Main Floor Makeover | House by the Bay Design

The Very Square Finishing Collection from Metrie

Our new baseboards are the Scene II  Baseboard from the Very Square Then and Now Finishing Collection. They have nice clean lines and a really modern feel to them. 

As an interior decorator I know how the details, like trim work, can really bring a space together and I love that Metrie has so many different collections to choose from. 

New Very Square Baseboards from Metrie | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design


There are two things that really sold me about these baseboards:

  1. They are thick, which means we don’t have to install shoe moulding. Our hardwood flooring requires a ½” gap between it and the wall which is completely covered by these 3/4″ thick baseboards. Perfect. 
  2. They come in different heights. We have 9’ ceilings on our main floor and so decided to go with the 7 ¼” tall option. The taller baseboards fit the space so nicely!

And yes, I painted them grey so they are darker than our wall colour. WHAT?

New Very Square Baseboards from Metrie | Main Floor Renovation | House by the Bay Design

I know. Not everyone who sees it is a fan, but I love it (and Chris doesn’t seem to hate it). I especially love the way the grey baseboards look against our new navy living room walls!  I’m hoping I can convince Chris to let me paint the window and door casings to match…I might just do it and not say anything…sssshhhh

I have to say, even though our furniture is still all over the place and most of our kitchen stuff is packed up in boxes, I feel that the installation of our baseboards has made it seem less like a construction zone. It’s all starting to come together!

Now back to my still ridiculously long to-do list including painting cabinets…in the snow.

Thanks for stopping by – Don’t forget to follow along with our progress on Instagram and check out all the other amazing spaces being made over on the One Room Challenge website!

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11 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week Three: Ice Storms, Floors and Baseboards”

  1. Really like the new wider baseboards, and them painted darker than the walls. Looks so good with the flooring. You have moved along very well. Didn’t realize your power was out again.

    1. Thanks Michelle! That extra height makes such a big difference – and I’m glad I’ve got another person on team ‘grey baseboards’ ?

  2. LOL! That’s what I say about John – if he hates it, he’ll say it, otherwise I’ll just say that he doesn’t mind it which really means he’s ok with it! LOL!! Looking great so far Casey! I think the trim is fabulous!

  3. I love your new baseboards. I’d love to have something tall like yours but it doesn’t fit our home style. And the floors are amazing! You are not the only ones who inspect every speck. With dogs (and life) that’s why we went with a floor that already had some slight distressing. A dropped this or that wouldn’t really show. And low sheen so you can see less dust ?

  4. This silly weather that we’re having! right!? hopefully that’s all over! I really love those new baseboards they lend A much more modern vibe to the space!

  5. Laurie Collins

    I love your choice of the Metrie baseboards and the daring–and wonderful!–decision to paint them grey. The contrast is really effective! Keep going, kids! You can do this! You are doing it! And you’re amazing.

  6. This weather has been crazy for sure. We were stuck at home during the storm too, and with nothing else to do I got my room all painted, lol. Your baseboards look great!

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