Reno Diaries: Renovation Preparation

Guys. My house looks ridiculous right now. If you missed my last post about our upcoming renovation definitely go check it out here to see what we’re planning to do.

So why does our house look ridiculous? Well, the wall between our kitchen and dining room is set to come down in a few days and Chris and I are getting everything ready so our contractor and his team can hit the ground running.

Empty Kitchen | Kitchen Renovation | House by the Bay Design

The first thing we did was empty all the cabinets that have to be removed and pack everything into boxes (or the oven). Then we started taking the cupboards off the wall and moving them to the garage.

Now, the granite countertop – We’re really hoping that we can reuse our granite, but there’s two major obstacles: 1. Can we remove it from the cabinets without breaking it and,  2. Can we cut and resize it without breaking it.

Well, we’ve solved one mystery: We cannot, in fact, move the granite without at least a little breakage.

Broken Granite | Kitchen Renovation | House by the Bay Design

But you know what? It’s not the end of the word because it split right down the seam. In fact, I think it’s actually better because it made carrying the pieces easier and when it comes time to cut, we won’t have to worry about fully supporting that large L-shaped piece.

So, at this point our kitchen is functioning at the absolute bare minimum.

Bare kitchen | House by the Bay Design

We’ve also started moving all our dining furniture and boxes into our living room so that this weekend we can take up all the baseboards and flooring.

Living Room Storage | Kitchen Renovation | House by the Bay Design

The cats are loving it. Obviously.


Let the reno commence!

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