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I received a lot of compliments on Instagram of the mini quilt I made for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap so I thought I would share the pattern that I made to create it.

The pattern is based off of the Ruby Roads quilt block designed by Nancy Cabot which I sketched from Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

I used various scraps for the top and a large scrap of 8 Days a Week – Months by Ampersand Design.


Download the Pattern Free from Craftsy

Ruby Roads Mini Quilt Pattern

Fabric Requirements

  • Large scraps or fat eighths in 7 different colours. I used dark pink, gold, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, teal and white/low volume
  • One 5” square for the centre of your mini
  • 2.5 inch strip at least 75” long for binding
  • Large scrap of batting and large scrap for backing

Cutting Directions

  • Dark Pink (A)
    • 8 – 2.5” squares
    • 8 – 3 3/8” squares
  • Gold (B)
    • 4 – 2.5” squares
    • 4 – 3 3/8” squares
  • Light Blue (C)
    • 4 – 2.5” squares
    • 4 – 3 3/8” squares
  • Medium Blue (D)
    • 8 – 3 3/8” squares
  • Dark Blue (E)
    • 4 – 2.5” squares
  • White/Low Volume (F)
    • 8 – 2.5” squares
    • 4 – 3 3/8” squares
  • Teal (G)
    • 4 – 3 3/8” squares

Piece together the mini top

Take your 32 3 3/8” squares and pair them up to make all your half square triangles (HSTs)

Pair together:

  • All C squares with F squares
  • All B squares with 4 of the D squares
  • 4 of the A squares with the remaining 4 D squares
  • The remaining 4 A squares with all the G squares

Press your seams open and trim to 2.5”

Lay out the block to see all the squares together in the correct order. I like chain piecing so I will sew pairs of squares together and then pairs of pairs until you have assembled each row (see diagram below). Once all your rows are complete, sew your rows together and press your seams. With a project this small, I tend to press my seams to one side because I hate pressing.


Once your top is assembled you’re ready to back, baste, quilt and bind your mini however you like!

I’d love to see your creation! If you make this mini please tag me on instagram @caseyhbb

Mini Quilt Pattern


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