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Las Vegas Market Winter 2020 Trends

Two weeks ago I packed my bags and headed down to Las Vegas for the semi-annual Las Vegas Market – a huge trade show event with over 4,300 exhibiting furniture, decor and gift manufacturers. It was my first time attending a market like this, I had a lot of fun, learnt a lot and saw

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Preserved Family Recipe Wood Sign DIY

Growing up, I always knew when we were approaching Christmas time because my nana would suddenly baking hundreds and hundreds of shortbread cookies. They were put in little baggies for sale at the church bazaar or gifted to friends in tins or simply put out on plates for snacking after dinner (or after school…or with

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Basement Kitchen Design Plans

Most makeover projects we undertake in our home start out by someone opening their big mouth and sharing an idea. Mostly me. Our basement kitchen is no different. I’m pretty sure it all started one evening when my mum came upstairs to dig around in the freezer for ice cream. She probably complained about the state

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Some Personal Thoughts and Plans for 2020

Ah, a new year and a big reminder that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I know I’ve been a little M.I.A. recently and honestly, I’ve found it difficult to sit down and write anything since my nana passed away in November. It’s funny how death, even when you know it’s coming, can knock

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Living Room Makeover Reveal

Well it’s been six weeks and another One Room Challenge is in the bag. As I’ve working my way through this makeover I kept feeling like I wasn’t making any big changes but now looking back this room has come a long way. I am so grateful to my sponsors for this room makeover Kichler,

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Media Unit Accent Lighting with LED Tape

Oh my goodness – week five! The living room is so close to being finished but I still have a few finishing touches left. This past week I pretty much focused on adding LED tape accent lighting to our new media unit. The LED lighting system featured in this post was sponsored by Kichler. I

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outlets smart switches-4

Our Living Room Lighting Challenges

Probably the biggest challenge we have had with our living room since we moved in is that there is absolutely no hardwiring for lighting. At all.  This post has been sponsored by Legrand. I only partner with brands I know and trust, we have installed Legrand outlets and switches in multiple rooms in our home.

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How to Sew Perfect Fit Box Cushion Covers

This past week I’ve been working on lots of different things for our ORC living room makeover, but I’ll be honest, I’m making pretty slow progress. One project I am working on is all new cushion covers for both of our vintage chairs so I thought for this week’s post I would share a tutorial

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Shopping the House for our Living Room Makeover

I’ve been a little late getting into the swing of things for the One Room Challenge this round, but I’m excited to say I have made a lot of progress. Well, essentially, I’ve made a giant mess. Both of our old bookcases are gone and I am slowly getting our new media/storage unit assembled and

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