Chris’ Home Office Reveal

Chris’ new home office/ guest room is finally done! It’s actually been done for a while, but I was waiting for a special gift to arrive to make the space perfect. And then I got lazy and took forever to take and edit the photos. IDK guys, this pandemic is really messing with my motivation. 

New here? Welcome! I’m Casey, the designer and DIY enthusiast behind House by the Bay. I love sharing all the DIY projects my husband and I create in our home, and working with clients to create beautiful spaces on a budget. Nice to meet you!

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Back when Chris and I shared an office, this used to be our guest room. When he moved his desk across the hall last year we swapped out the queen bed for a sleeper sofa and then things stayed like that for a while. 

I really wanted him to have an home office that felt finished. I started by painting the whole room to match the one wall that had already been painted. The colour is one of my favourites Grey Mountain by CIL (really close to Castle Gate CSP-75 by Benjamin Moore). And I was given permission to add one pillow to the sofa (to increase napping comfort).

Okay, I added three pillows. And a rug. Chris is not a fan of any “soft” decor like pillows, curtains and blankets so, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how long the rug will last…but I think it looks amazing and really helps pull everything in the room together. The best part? It’s one we used to have in our living room! I put it aside after the Fall One Room Challenge last year knowing I could reuse it in here.

Yes, that is a cat bed.

Chris’ desk area is pretty much unchanged. He’s been using my old Ikea desk and we added an open shelving unit which is nice for storing anything too deep for the bookcase, like binders.

Speaking of the bookcase…I am in love. 

Building these DIY doors was definitely one of those projects where everything went wrong – I actually built them twice! Are they perfect? Now. But you know what, they turned out great and I wouldn’t want them any other way.

Plus, all the stuff that was on the bookcase is still there, but doesn’t it look so much nicer hidden behind doors? Yup.

The special gift that I was waiting for was this customized map that was sent to us from Mapiful. It shows the spot in Killarney Provincial Park where Chris and I spent an afternoon together when we first met. It also happens to be one of our favourite places to go camping. 

And, because the sofa folds down into a bed, this room still doubles as a comfortable guest space…even though we’re not going to be having guests any time soon. 

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